Directions for Use

Filling Composites, Liners and Light-Cure Bondings

Oxford Ceram NANO
Oxford Ceram MICRO
Oxford Ceram P
Oxford Flow NANO
Oxford Flow
Oxford Flow SE
Oxford Iono SE
Oxford Iono VLC
Oxford Cal VLC
Oxford Bond SE Mono
Oxford Bond TE Mono
Oxford Etch

Core Build-Up, Cements and Dual-Cure Bondings

Oxford Zircore NANO – Automix
Oxford Zircore NANO – Minimix
Oxford Flo CORE
Oxford Cem SE
Oxford Flo CEM
Oxford Bond SE Dual
Oxford Bond SE Dual – SingleMix
Oxford Bond TE Dual


Oxford ZirBond
Oxford CeraBond


Oxford Root FILL System
Oxford Root FILL
Oxford Root SEAL
Oxford Root PREP
Oxford MTA – Capsules
Oxford MTA – Handmix

Temporary Materials

Oxford Temp
Oxford Glaze INTRA
Oxford Temp CEM Universal
Oxford Temp Cem Flexi-Trans
Oxford Cem IMPLANT
Oxford Correct
Oxford Temp FILL

Glass Ionomer Cements

Oxford GI FILL E – Capsules
Oxford GI FILL E – Handmix
Oxford GI FILL X – Capsules
Oxford GI FILL X – Handmix
Oxford GI FILL
Oxford GI COAT
Oxford GI CEM E – Capsules
Oxford GI CEM E – Handmix
Oxford GI CEM X – Capsules
Oxford GI CEM X – Handmix
Oxford GI CEM
Oxford GI Resin FILL UF – Capsules
Oxford GI Resin FILL UF – Handmix
Oxford GI Resin PRIME VLC
Oxford GI Resin CEM UF – Capsules
Oxford GI Resin CEM UF – Handmix

Impression and Bite Registration Materials

Oxford Print – Heavy
Oxford Print – Light
Oxford Print – Medium
Oxford Print – Mono
Oxford Print – Putty – Handmix
Oxford Print – Putty – Maximix
Oxford Tray FIX
Oxford Tray
Oxford Bite
Oxford Trans

Denture Relining Materials

Oxford Reline SOFT System
Oxford Reline HARD System

Bleaching and Desensitiser

Oxford Double BLEACH
Oxford Dam
Oxford Protect NANO

Lab Products

Oxford Gingiva
Oxford Gingiva HARD
Oxford Gingiva SCAN
Oxford Separator